Why making the most of the outdoors with your children is so important

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I would definitely consider us to be an outdoors family. Come sun, wind or rain, we always try our best to get outdoors with our children, because we believe it is so important. Not only does the outdoors provide fresh air, it also gives children the chance to run about and explore. There is nothing our kids like more than exploring nature. Picking up snails, collecting sticks, climbing trees and splashing in muddy puddles are their favourites! Living in a country where the weather is not always certain, getting out and about every day can be a challenge. But I find that on the days where we don't at least venture to the park for a couple of hours, the children get restless quicker and are much harder to put to bed!

Getting out can be as simple as going to your local park and letting the kids loose on the climbing frames and swings! Or why not try the National Trust site? We've found so many new parks and gardens to explore with the kids and keep everyone interested and happy!

Taking scooters, bikes or even heelys  can make a simple trip to the local park much more fun! It also helps to wear the out quicker and is super useful if you feel like going for a nice long family walk to stop your children from getting bored!

We love getting out and we want to do it even more this summer. It's also a great way of keeping everyone in the family fit and active and away from the TV!

Where do you like to venture out to? 


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