Alice's Room Tour

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sorry I haven't blogged much recently, we've all had colds and I've felt so tired and drained. As much as I feel for them, sick children can be incredibly exhausting, right?! I filmed a little room tour of Alice's room yesterday, and thought I would put it up here. I don't really know how people take nice pictures of interior decor, mine always come out looking so awful! xx


  1. WOW this bedroom is amazing!!! I feel incredibly guilty as my daughter's bedroom is nothing like this!! All she has in her room is a bed and a wardrobe!! All her toys etc live in the living room and she only goes in her room to sleep so it's rather basic. I am hoping that as she grows older (she's nearly 3 now), then her toys can slowly make their way up to her room and she can slowly get a more special bedroom


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