Cooking with Mindful Chef

Thursday, July 07, 2016

About a week ago, Mindful chef very kindly sent me some recipes to try! Mindful Chef is a small company set up by three friends. Their aim is to help you to eat healthier by avoiding refined sugar and limiting your intake of gluten. Their recipes are all gluten free and super healthy, but will always fill you up too, which is pretty important for my family who never seem to be full enough!

I was sent two recipes to try, and my favourite was the beef rendang with lemon grass, mangetout and brown rice. The best thing about the ingredient is that they are all measured out for you, which dramatically reduces the stress and time needed to create your meal. With easy to follow instructions, I found it so easy to create a dish which very much resembled the picture on the recipe card! (Not always an easy thing to do... let's be honest!).

Anyway, it was absolutely delicious and so incredibly simple to make. I actually quite enjoyed making it, which is a weird thing for me to admit because cooking is not my strongest point! Hehe!


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