Paddling Pools, summer has arrived!

Monday, July 25, 2016

We bought a paddling pool yesterday for the kids to splash about in! It's so funny how such a small thing can offer so much fun to children! They loved splashing about in it together in the garden. Alice is obsessed with barbie dolls right now, she has about 6 and they are her "girls", as she calls them. She has given them all names and they have their own personalities and they go literally everywhere with her in her backpack! So she spent ages making them dance and play in the pool. Thomas, however, is into his cars. We bought him a really cheap set of 6 little cars and he takes one with him wherever he goes! He actually goes to sleep holding one in his hand! Haha!

It's so funny how they have just gravitated towards these gender stereotypical toys. We have never really pushed certain toys on either of them. Alice will play with cars and trains sometimes and Thomas often pushed the dolly about in the pram, but their favourite toys are pretty gender stereotypical, and it's so funny!

Hoping the weather stays nice for a little longer so we can get some use out of the pool! Their cute little swimming costumes are from Little Peach Clothing!  Thank you Robyn, we love them!


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