The Summer Holidays!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I have totally been neglecting this little space on the internet of mine recently. Mainly, it's because I've been working really hard on my YouTube channel, which I'm really enjoying right now. I've also just been too busy to whip out my camera and take pictures! And finally, I've been trying to live in the moment a little more too. We've had a few fairly ordinary day trips to the park as a family, and instead of spending it taking photos, I've been running around with the kids and just spending real time with them! Haha!

But it's the first day of the summer holidays today, and I'm feeling so great about it! I feel like all the day to day routine has gone and in it's place, just empty days where we can make plans when we feel like it and do activities we all want to do together. And hopefully this will leave more time for some blogging!

I am desperately trying to book a camping holiday somewhere in the uk... but I am starting to think maybe just buying a tent for the garden would be better? Everywhere is booked or incredibly expensive, and I think I'd rather have the equipment so we can just book a camp site, and not have to book somewhere that comes with a tent and everything... if that makes sense? I used to love camping as a kid, especially cooking outdoors and collecting sticks for the fire!

Hopefully I shall have some lovely new blog posts up very soon!! xxx


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