A Crazy day at the Woods

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I feel like our weekends have been a little quiet recently! I think since getting our garden done, we've been spending most of our time home enjoying the paddling pool and sunshine. We went out to the woods last weekend for a couple of hours in the morning, just to get the kids running about. My kids are all about being outdoors. They literally run out in the garden at 7am every night and don't come back indoors until there bedtime at 7pm!

There really is something amazing about being outside. When we lived in our old, tiny house, all I dreamt about was getting a bigger house! Dreaming about decorating the rooms, more space to roam about, having a little reading area in the corner... but honestly since we've moved into a bigger house, we've spent most of out time going out! Either in the garden or to parks and farms. Typical huh?

We are planning on decorating the house soon, and I'll have some post all about it when we do. I'm particularly excited to re-do Alice's bedroom ready for September. It looks like I may be home schooling for a bit, and I'm actually getting pretty excited about it now!

As always, here are a million pictures from our day at the woods:


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