Fun in the Sun

Monday, August 08, 2016

Our garden has been done! Wahoo! Only 2 months later than they said they would be able to do it, but hey. We are just so happy to have a proper space for the kids to play in and a lovely garden to sit in. Everything has been cut back and neatened up and we've had grass laid at the front. The patio area has been cleaned up and I am itching to get a nice table and chairs outside and some lights and plants and things... I just can't wait! I already have visions of dinners out in the late day sun, camping out on the lawn (anyone else do his as a kid?!) and a swing set!

We have to keep the grass really watered, so we bought this octopus thing from co-op which squirts water everywhere all day long! It seemed to work and the kids loved jumping about in it. I'm so thrilled we finally have the garden we wanted, and the sun seems to agree as it came out for the first time in ages on Saturday! Haha!


  1. Ah how lovely. They look like they are having a great time and your garden space looks really nice! x

  2. Wow I'm sure the kids absolutely love that Octopus thing and it must keep them occupied! Sorry to hear it took two months longer then planned, the garden does look beautiful though and just in time for our (fingers crossed!) nice weather. XxxX


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