Lavender Fields

Monday, August 01, 2016

Yesterday we visited these absolutely beautiful lavender fields. I was in heaven! The smell was just so good and watching the kids bobbing about in the sea of lavender was so lovely. It was, completely packed! I think the lavender has grown particularly well this year and everyone wanted to come and admire it and take pictures. I snapped away, as usual, and managed to capture some shots which will definitely be making it to our living room walls!

However, it wasn't all fun. Thomas and Alice both got stung by a bee!! Can you believe it?! They were both so brave though and only cried for about a minute before getting back to running about. And at least I know they are not allergic as you can barely even tell they have been stung!

As always, a million and one more pics below!

 Just been stung by a bee! Ouch! She didn't seem bothered at first, and I wasn't even aware of what had happened which is why this picture exists! Haha!
 2 minutes after being stung!



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