Pick Your Own

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This blog is becoming so repetitive recently, but pick your own is seriously the best thing ever. Especially when you have children! This time we went after they had their lunch, so with full tummies they were a lot happier to join in. We picked sunflowers, carrots and Dahlias, and had the best fun doing it. I think they enjoyed pulling the carrots up the most, though they weren't very big ones I have to say! I don't think the crop has done very well this year. 

I got lots of lovely flowers which now fill our house to the brim! I've never picked flowers before, so was super excited to give it a go, and I'll definitely be back. 

As always, I have a million photos from our day. Though these ones are a lot less over exposed and prettier (I think anyway!) xx


  1. The kids love days like that, don't they? Here we love fresh air and nature! Nice pics! Ah, here in Brazil we celebrate father's day today, so happy father's day to Dave!

    Bruna Marques

  2. This looks like such a nice family thing to do also it's nine to support local produce! Beautiful pictures by the way! X


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