The 5 best family cars of 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

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What is the ideal family car? Now, there’s no set definition to a ‘mom car’, however there are a few criteria that need to be met before it can be classified as a good family car, such as:

  • A car that is comfortable for all passengers
  • Safety first. The ideal family car will have airbags and top of the range safety features
  • Space is key, there should always be enough leg room
  • The best cars also tend to offer small features that make a big difference
Keeping the family comfortable on long trips to the countryside or even the shorter commutes is a must. To make sure the whole family is happy, here are the 5 best cars to buy in 2016:

Skoda Superb Estate:

Just as its name suggest, this Skoda really is “superb”. It offers its host a smooth ride as well as providing comfort to all. Features include:
  • 157mm of rear leg room, which has been describe as “limousine like”
  • 595 litres of cargo space (1950 litres with rear seats folded).
The best part? It is very wallet friendly. To elaborate on this, here are more specifics:
It has an average economy figure of 74.6mpg and emits (approximately) 95g/km of CO2 – this makes it free to tax. For a car of its size and power, this is mindblowing.

Volkswagen Passat:

There is no argument on quality when it comes to the Volkswagen Passat. Alongside quality, a comfortable experience is also provided with this car, making it very family friendly. There are also many other useful driving aids provided to the driver. Lastly, its sleek design will ensure that you’re always turning heads.

Toyota Prius:

Not known for its external design the Toyota Prius has a fairly impressive interior. The inside of the Toyota Prius is equipped with plenty of technology, making it the ideal family car for the “techies”. As well as this, it ticks the checklist for space and comfortability.

Volvo XC90:

Looking for style and quality, as well as a car equipped with some awesome gadgets? Well then the Volvo XC90 is for you! Everything about this car screams luxury, from its spacious upmarket interior to its smooth riding capabilities. In addition to this the Volvo XC90 holds its reputation for having comfortable seats, which are easily adjustable and offer great support. Not to mention, it’s a seven-seater. If you have a big family with a decent budget, this is well worth considering.

Mazda 6:

The Mazda 6 just had to be on this list, there was no way we weren’t going to feature this fantastic automobile. Firstly, can we talk about how attractive it is? It boasts a stylish, sleek design for those that look at the exterior first. The interior is good, but it doesn’t quite match some of the other cars on the list. Putting that aside, it rides smoothly and turns corners effortlessly.

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