Camping- Part 1

Monday, September 05, 2016

We went camping last week. Sorry the photos have taken me so long to upload, it's been a bit manic since getting back! 5 days with no baths, muddy clothes and just... mud everything to be honest! I told you my kids like mud ;) These photos are all from the first day. We took it really easy, just lazing about and letting the kids roam about the campsite, which was amazingly secure. We could literally see them from every angle!

We cooked on the open fire most nights, eating burgers and sausages and corn on a cob! On the first night, it was so warm and lovely that we went for a long sunset walk through the countryside before bed, which was just amazing. The views were beautiful and the walk knackered the kids out so they slept really well.

I have a million pictures to share!


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