Camping - Part 2

Friday, September 09, 2016

Here are the remainder of our camping photos. We went to a national park in the Peak district and I can honestly say, it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen!! We kept singing the Jurassic park theme tune because it looked just like the dinosaur park. We kept half expecting to see a T-Rex walk out from all those trees!

I ended up holding pretty much everything on my back, and Dave carried either Alice or Thomas, so we didn't make it too far! Why do mums always end up holding everything. And why do children insist on taking everything but the kitchen sink with them where ever they go, and then drop it the second they actually get there! Gah!

I would love to make camping a regular thing for us. We stayed in a yurt, which meant all the hard parts of camping (setting up the tent, bringing all the equipment) was taken away form us and we could just get there, get unpacked and start the fire going. So brilliant t when you have young children.

Here's a million photos:

 Proper sobbing it out! Haha! Also, take note of the panda tucked under my arm, which we LOST! I know, panic ensued until we could find a replacement, which luckily Thomas didn't notice! Haha! 

 Hot chocolate and marshmallows. They wanted this every single night! Haha!

This is how Dave and I spent our evenings while the kids were sleeping next to us in the yurt. Toasting marshmallows, watching the sunset and talking about everything and anything we never normally get time to talk about! xx


  1. This looks incredible! We go camping every year, but it's normally a family thing so we end up with 5 children and 6 adults so we don't ever get to sit and watch the sunset! HAHA xx

  2. Looks like a lovely camping trip :)


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