Life Lately...

Friday, September 16, 2016

I've been capturing lots of our moments as a family recently, so I thought I would share them here! The weather has been amazing, and it's making me feel really lucky we are home schooling as Alice and Thomas can just be outside all day long. Having said that, it's been too hot for us to venture our too far, so it's been a case of keeping ourselves busy indoors and in the garden.

Alice has become really interested in reading recently. She has always liked books, but recently she has started asking me what absolutely everything says, from road signs to shop window signs. So we have been pulling out all the books and having a good read. She knows most of her letter sounds now, and we have been practising at sounding out words. It's amazing how much progress children make when it's all self-initiated learning!

We've done some baking the kids love this and it's a great opportunity for Alice to learnt o follow instructions, as well as maths by measuring ingredients. Always good when you have something yummy to reward all the hard work though ;) Thomas has been a good helper too. If by good helper, you mean eating all the mixture and getting covered in chocolate!!

The woods is their happy place. Climbing, exploring, making dens. I can see a lot of woodland walks happening this autumn!

Out in the garden, as usual. Soaking wet and loving life!!
Alice always wants to be something different. Astronaut, gardener, vet, postman... At the moment she is obsessed with nurses and doctors! Poor old Thomas is often the patient, and is made to say Ahh and be bandaged up. But he doesnt seem to mind too much! Haha! xx


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