Life Lately

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

I've not taken many photos recently. I'll be honest! I know it's been the longest time since I've blogged. I've just felt incredibly uninspired. I have been vlogging lots, so do feel free to check out my  youtube channel!

So it's been a case of home schooling and entertaining. Kind of a mixture of the two. I'm beginning to understand that homeschooling is very much about allowing your child to explore the world around them and learn through their own interests. Alice loves writing, and wants to know what everything says. Or how to read something. Or how to write something, like a party invitation. So... "teaching" her has been very simple really. Because she's so ready and eager to learn and know everything. And before you ask, no, I'm not teaching her the way the schools do. I'm just showing her how to write and sound out words she is interested in. Like... drain. Yup. Had to sound out that one a few times!

One of my favourite activities was a few weeks ago. We went to the park and collected everything we could find that reminded us of Autumn. When we got home, we made autumn collages and it was just a really lovely way of introducing the new season!

Since I've finally been able to let go and allow Alice the freedom to explore the world herself, I have really seen her grow! She has begun constructing the most elaborate houses and cities out of lego and blocks. She's started asking about drains and sewage systems, and has been drawing pipes and asking how to write letters to the sewer workers (don't ask me! Haha!). She's been writing letters and numbers all over the house. She's been desperate to know all about the rainforest, the ocean and asking me all kinds of questions such as, "Where do seagulls sleep?" (In the water if you didn't know!) and "where does paper come from?"

So homeschooling has been pretty great. And I find that Thomas and Alice's relationship has really grown and blossomed because of it!

I'm going to try to blog a bit more over the next few days. I've been so rubbish recently and part of the reason is because we haven't really done that much! So do come and follow me on my other social media platforms if you're at all curious about what we've been up to! xx


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