Life Lately...

Friday, October 14, 2016

Life lately has mainly been about: seeing in the new season with trips to the pumpkin patch, leaf pictures, nature walks and scooter rides... home schooling Alice and being completely blown away by just how much information she can retain, how quickly her reading and writing is coming on (I swear I'm barely even doing anything to help her!) and answering all her questions with the help of good (because I don't know what those weird mushrooms are called, or where birds migrate to in the winter?)... investing way too much money in Lush bath products because I can't stop thinking about having a long, hot soak at the end of every day (pretty sure the amount of mud I'm wiping off my kitchen floor and off of wellies has something to do with that)... and just letting things unfold in their own time.

We visited Legoland for Thomas's 2nd birthday. We waited until a day in September when all the kids had gone back to school. Thomas hated it (of course), and so we only lasted a couple of hours! I think my children are more... run around in a park, pick-your-own farms, throw levels everywhere kind of kids. Which is fine by me!

Also, we have WAY too many pumpkins. But do we? I mean... can you actually have too many pumpkins in October?! (We have 11... :O) xx


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