Christmas Jumpers!

Monday, November 07, 2016

Every year, we try to get a picture of us all in our Christmas jumpers! You can see last years post here. Thomas was a little uncooperative this year, but I managed to get one smiling photo of him, which I'm very happy about! These jumpers were from Matalan and are so cute. Thomas's actually sings a Christmas tune when you push the Reindeer nose!

This is our first year in our new house, and I have never been more excited for Christmas time. Also as we are homeschooling too, I'm super excited about all the Christmas activities I've planned, included a little movie night, gingerbread house decorating and making some huge Christmas trees!!

 I love the little pom poms on my jumper, as did the kids! I'm pretty thankful they are glued on so tightly because the kids were having a good go and pulling them all off!! 

 So cute!! 
 There he is. The one smile I managed to get from this one! He was a little poorly, bless him. 
 Pressing the nose to hear the Christmas tune. Is is acceptable to play Christmas tunes now? Oh of course it is! It's November ;) 

*Thank you Matalan for gifting us the jumpers this year :) 


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