Oh Christmas tree...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Have you put yours up yet?!! Our Christmas tree has been up for a week already. We just couldn't wait a moment longer! I don't know why but I feel really Christmassy this year already and I've just been so eager for all the Christmas festivities to start. I think as soon as firework night is over, I'm just ready for it to be December already! Haha!

We are the sort of tree decorators my mum hates. We have no coordination, no colour scheme and no plan other than bung-it-all-on! To be fair, this plan usually works out pretty well. This year, Alice wanted pink, blue and purple tinsel, all the baubles and coloured lights. And let me tell you, that is a combination that really works! It's a colourful mess of Christmas brilliance, and we love it.

Do you love our matching pom pom jumpers?! Argh, I'm so in love with them. Alice's is from Boden, and mine is from Matalan. Oh, and if you were wondering where Tommy was, he was playing in the other room with his cars. I'm not sure Christmas tree decorating is really his 'thing'. Haha!


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