Car Safety over the Holidays

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I recently started driving again! The last time I drove properly was before I had children, when I was driving to and from work every day. Let me tell you, driving now I have children in the back is a lot scarier. I am so aware of the importance of driving safety and take it about a million times more seriously than before (not that I didn't take it seriously before! But even more so now).

Over the Christmas holidays, I think a lot of us will be taking long trips in the car as we visit family and friends. So car safety is a pretty important thing to talk about. How ready will you be if you have to drive through snow and ice? Do you know how to clear your windscreen properly? What if it suddenly pours torrentially while you're on the motorway?

Luckily for us, car insurance from Chill have created a brilliant e-book offering advice for staying safe on the road this winter. It includes lots of tips, from how to drive in the snow, to how to check your lights are working properly. I really recommend checking it out, especially before you take that long drive to see you relatives for Christmas!

Check out the e-book here!


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