Christmas Tree Shopping

Sunday, December 11, 2016

We have a fake tweet his year for the first time ever. It's not so much the mess I was worried about (I have two kids under 5, mess is not a problem to me!!), it was the fact I just couldn't wait to get the tree up and decorated! I've felt very impatient for Christmas this year and just haven't been able to stop myself from making gingerbread and decorating the house early... but we're in December now. In fact, it's only 2 weeks until the big day, so it's all perfectly acceptable now.

However, I couldn't help but feel we had missed out on our tradition of going to the Christmas Tree Farm (I'm not sure what it's actually called, but this is what we call it!), and picking out our perfect tree. So we went anyway and had a wonder about. There is something so incredibly Christmassy about walking through rows of little trees with a hot chocolate in your hand, watching cars leaving with their trees tied to the roof. It's pretty magical. I mean, you can't really get anymore Christmassy than that!

Dave couldn't help himself checking out all the trees and examining them. I have no idea what his criteria for a tree is, but he always seems to buy one too big, too tall and too spiky in the end! In fact, even our fake tree is slightly too tall for the room. The star only just fit on! But I guess that's just one of our many weird Christmas traditions!! Haha!

I took way too many pictures (as usual), so apologies for that massive post!!



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