2016- A reflection

Sunday, January 01, 2017

 Well 2016 is over! I thought I would share some of our favourite moments from the past year with you. We spent most of our summer at the pick your own farm in Esher, picking strawberries and apples and blackberries and carrots... and everything really! I think this has been a major factor in how much fruit and veg my kids now eat, and something I am so proud about.

In May we took the kids on their first plane so they could splash about in a pool, eat too much ice cream and go to the beach every day! And then in July, we went camping, which was very successful actually, despite all our worrying! They loved toasting marshmallows and making a fire for the evening, and I think we're going to go again this year too.

Home schooling Alice and Thomas has been a challenge, but also good fun. I've loved watching her reading and writing coming along, and I've come up with a plan to improve her math and numbers in the new year. I didn't realise I could be so craft and have a new found love for pa glue and cereal boxes!!

I'm not making any new year resolutions as such because I feel like I just break them anyway... but I would like to continue to eat healthier, to travel more with my kids and to really push the blog and vlog forward as much as I can.

Happy 2017 everyone!!!


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