Getting out in the cold

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I have to admit, I'm finding it tough to get out and about with the kids this winter. I'm not sure why, because the cold and mud never used to bother me much! But for some reason, i've been really struggling to get everyone wrapped up and get outside. On Saturdays we pull ourselves out of bed and rush over to Alice's ballet lesson, and after that we're all ready to just snuggle up at home and hibernate for the weekend!

However, when we do manage to get ourselves to the park, we really feel the difference. It's amazing how much some fresh air and exercise can dramatically shift your mood and make you feel so happy and energised! It's great to be able to chill out and watch movies, but sometimes the kids just need to get out and run about, no matter how cold and muddy it is!

We're off the Amsterdam in February for the half term and I'm so excited!! And I've just booked in a little Easter getaway to Venice. I know Venice isn't exactly child friendly, but it's been on my list of places to see for so so long and I think the kids will love exploring the canals and going on the boats! (And there will be lots of gelato about to bribe them with as well ;) ).

I always find myself looking forward to the year ahead towards the end of January. I feel like we are coming out of a hibernation period and it's time to start planning lots of adventures and birthday parties!!

Hope your January wasn't too dark and gloomy this year. Roll on Spring, right?! xx


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