Snow Morning!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Last week they promised London some snow. So we sat around all day on snow watch, waiting for that first flurry. Of course, it didn't start until bedtime!! My kids were just amazed by it. I think it's the first time Thomas has ever seen snow, and he was pretty in awe of it all. In fact, he threw the biggest tantrum that night when I finally had to tell them it was bedtime (and this boy loves his bedtime!!).

The next morning it was already beginning to melt and rain was on it's way, so I got them all wrapped up and into the garden. There is something so magical about that crunch of crisp white snow on the ground. It also covers up all the crap in your garden too! Haha!

I managed to get some snaps of them as they ran about like lunatics. I think I may have to take them away somewhere to experience some real snow. We didn't have enough for a snowman! But it was fun all the same. As always, here's a million and one pictures!


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