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Monday, February 06, 2017

I just found this little random collection of photos on my laptop and thought I would put them onto the blog so I didn't lose them! The first ones are of Thomas, who found my lipstick whilst rummaging through my bag and decided to give himself a little makeover! Haha! I couldn't resist snapping him while he stood there looking so proud of himself. He's such a mummy's boy, and I'm so glad for it!

Now that Alice is in school, we get to spend a lot of time together. But it feels very strange having all the boys toys out all the time! I'm constantly treading over little rows of cars (traffic jams are his favourite thing right now), or a little land of dinosaurs. I had so many crafting activities and baking planned for the two of us, but it hasn't worked out so far! Mainly because I find myself missing Alice so much that I feel bad about doing anything without her being here. You know? I feel like she would want to bake cakes, so we should wait for her to be home. I think it's just going to take some time to adjust to her being at school all day long.

I'm looking forward to spring now, so much! These school runs in the freezing cold are exhausting. I can't wait to be able to stop off at the park on the way back and take a little picnic to have on the way home. I took Tommy to the park on the way back from dropping Alice off this morning and he was so cold he asked to go home after about 10 minutes!

Dave and I are off to Amsterdam in the Feb half term week for a few days and the kids are going to my parents. It's to celebrate his birthday, the big 3 0! Eek! I'm so excited about it!

Look how guilty he looks eating his cake! haha!

Taking cake decorating very seriously! It is a serious business I suppose!


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