5 Photos that make me smile

Friday, March 24, 2017

I've been looking back through my blog and I've found 5 photos that make me smile so much! 

This first one was from Thomas's first birthday party. I had some helium balloons for the kids and Alice and her friend Mia just loved playing with them so much! I think they liked the balloons more than the bouncy castle! Haha!
 This was Easter last year. We went to a National Trust place to do their Easter hunt. Alice got her face painted like a rabbit and it totally made her day! 
 SUMMER! Need I say more! The sun is out, the water is out and the kids are having the best time!
 I love blossom. I'm a little worried we have missed it all this year, which would be gutting! This is from Bushy Park last year when we heard the blossom was out and drove straight over to snap some pics! Please tell me I haven't missed it this year!! 
 I love this photo because look how knackered we all look! It was so hot on holiday and the kids were always so shattered. They both took naps which never happens! This is just before I put them both down for one, and probably had one myself. But it was the best holiday. Take me back! 


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