Finding Spring

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On Saturday, we went to our local park for a few hours. I love how quiet it always is, nobody else seems to like our park for some reason! There's a lovely little woods that is always filled with the most amazing light and flowers, perfect for picture taking! Last weekend, all the daffodils were out in bloom and this weekend, they seemed to be dying off! Boo! 

After the Friday we had, we really needed a good day and this was definitely one of those. Mind you, I think even if we had stayed at home and done nothing it would have been a good day in comparison! Sometimes adulating is bloody hard, right? But I am so thankful for spring and flowers and quiet parks! 

Also, notice how crazy Tommy's hair is! He is due a haircut, but we haven't had time to take him so it's just sort of grown up! Haha! 

As always, here's a million photos! 


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