Mothers Day

Friday, March 31, 2017

For Mother's day this year, we went to Claremont Gardens in Esher. It's our favourite National Trust place to go, in any weather, because it's flipping beautiful all year round. We just missed the daffodils (as you can see!), and they were starting to die off, but we stopped to get some pictures anyway! Haha! 

Sometimes I feel being a mother is really easy. I feel I am quite a maternal person, so caring for these two seems to be quite natural. I don't ever really mind getting up in the night with them, or bathing them every night or not being able to drink a hot cup of tea because they want to cuddle me (trap me) on the sofa! And then other times, it's the hardest job in the world and I wonder what on Earth I've done. Why didn't I realise how hard it was all going to be and why did I choose to put this responsibility on myself? 

Usually I feel this way when things go wrong. When Tommy almost breaks his foot in the garden I we spend half the night in A&E waiting for an x-ray. Or when I stupidly forget to buy more nappies and Tommy decides this is the day he's going to do a million poos! Sometimes it's all just really overwhelming. You realise that there is no break from it all and that you really do need to be responsible all the time! You can't have a day off or hide under the covers or pretend it'll all sort itself out. Because it's all down to you! 

But then maybe that's just being an adult. It's weird because, I'm almost 30 but I still feel like I'm just... playing house. You know? Like I'm pretending to be a grown up and any moment now my mums going to come home and tell me to do the washing up and go to bed! 

Being a mum is hard. But my life would be significantly worse without these two children in my life. I love being their mum and I hope one day when they're older, they look back and think that I did a good job! 

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's day! As usual, here's a million pictures (And yes, I'm annoyed about the ones that didn't focus!!) 


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