My Skincare Favourites!

Monday, March 06, 2017

I've never really written about my skin care routine, or favourite products before. I have done a couple of YouTube videos about it, but it feels like it needs a place on my blog too! I'm going to be changing the content up over here, so if anything you really like catches your eye do let me know!

We are in this awkward between-seasons time at the moment. The sun keeps showing it's face which means my skin becomes dry and, being fair, it can even burn! On top of that, we still have our central heating on most of the time, which can also dry out my skin. So my skin care routine mainly consists of getting moisture back into my skin, and protecting it from sun damage and ageing.

I love the Quick Fix facial masks you can pick up from pretty much anywhere (I got mine from Tesco!). It's an anti blemish mud mask and dries super fast on your face. I find it really helps to get rid of those little blackheads and the dryness around my nose!

For every day, I'm still loving the Simple range. I use the moisturising facial wash because it's really gentle and kind to my skin and removes every inch of make up. I'm left with super soft skin that feels full of moisture and not scrubbed to an inch of it's life!

My favourite moisturiser right now is Loreals Revita Lift! It is an anti-ageing moisturising cream, which comes in my favourite colour, pink! What I love about this, is that it has an SPF 30 within it, so it protects your skin from all that evil sun damage! I feel it's light on my skin, but thick enough to really put that moisture back in. I use it twice a day around the delicate skin under my eyes as this is where I tend to get little lines and am most worried about the condition of my skin. After 3 weeks, I have DEFINITELY noticed an improvement in these little lines, which has made me very happy!

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my skin care favs! Let me know if you would like to see any more beauty related posts from me!


  1. This was a great post! More please!! ☺️☺️ I need to try that moisturiser though I currently use a £1.69 one from Aldi which I have to say I love !!xx


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