Our Everyday Moments

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thought I would start doing a diary style post once a week on the blog. I feel like I've stopped documenting a lot of my family and it's made me feel a little sad, as I used to love reading back old posts and remembering all those little moments!

The last few days have been amazing, and just what we all needed! The sun came out and it has felt like Spring! I'm talking, no coats and lots of garden play :) This has been a much needed break from all that blooming cold and rain which had really started to affect my mood. Doing school runs when the World looks so grey and then having to sit indoors as it torrential rains is not so fun. SO we lapped every moment of the sun up this Saturday and spent most of it outside!

Alice and Tom are such outdoor children, which I love. One of their favourite activities is digging up worms to investigate. Can't say this is MY favourite activity of theirs, but each to their own! Dave and I worked on the garden a little, mowing the lawn and weeding. So we're like, proper adults now! Haha!

If the weather is still good tomorrow, we are hoping to get out to the park. I've been playing around with my 50mm lens, which I haven't used for ages for some weird reason, and I think I've fallen in love with it all over again! So expect lots of pictures from our weekend coming soon :) xx


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