Down by the River Side

Saturday, April 15, 2017

We bought Tommy a balance bike the other day. He's wanted one for ages. It was going to be his 3rd birthday present, but because that isn't until the end of summer, we thought we would get it a little early for him. He is SO good on it. He just took to it straight away and has been coasting along, racing down hills.

I have a couple new videos up on my YouTube channel. One is a morning cleaning routine and one is a Tesco Easter Grocery Haul. I'm really enjoying making videos again and I think it's all because I have reduced the amount I make. It means that I've been able to really focus and concentrate on creating content I want to make and I feel less rushed too. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I'm enjoying making them!

Here are some pictures from the park. No story really, just some pretty pictures I took that I wanted to share!



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