Meet Our Guinea Pigs

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Surprise! Over the weekend we finally bought the kids some guinea pigs! We've wanted them for the longest time, but just kept putting it off as we were waiting for the weather to cheer up a bit. So... let me introduce to you, Popcorn and Charlotte (Charlotte is the white one!). We let the kids name them (guess who names who! Haha! I'm pretty sure Thomas was saying poo poo but we went with popcorn!).

They are only about 8 weeks old so for now their hutch is in our backroom until they get a little more confident and grow some adult fur to keep them warm outside. The kids have been pretty much glued to the bars of the cage for the past few days, especially at feeding time! I'm utterly in love with the little things and I'm so glad we finally got them. Alice already can't wait to change them out! Haha!

We've become one of those outdoorsy, inner city kind of families who live in a terraced house but have animals and a veggie patch in the garden! I love it though. Shall have a little veggie patch update for you all soon (I know you're flipping dying to hear all about it right ;) ).

How cute are our little piggies?!! xx


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