The Easter Egg Hunt with Cadbury and The National Trust

Monday, April 17, 2017

We always do the National Trust Easter egg hunt! They team up with Cadbury to create a really fun egg hunt for kids. This year we went to Claremont Gardens in Esher, which is a beautiful place. The idea was to match the eggs on the paper to the bird who laid them. Alice and Tom raced ahead for most of the hunt, and we finished it in about half an hour! Boom!

They won a chocolate bunny each which they finished in record time too! Doing the hunt is a really good way of exploring the whole of the gardens and although we had been before, we discovered lots of little places we hadn't seen before!

How cute does Alice look in her little face paint! Tommy was not into getting his painted at all, which was a shame because he would have made a good rabbit I feel. Did you do any Easter Egg hunts over the Easter?



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