Outdoor Classroom Day

Thursday, May 18, 2017

As you guys know, we are an outdoor loving family. Most weekends we spend out and about at parks, woods, the seaside... anywhere the kids can run and explore outdoors! There is nothing my children enjoy more than collecting interesting sticks or watching the ducks diving under the water for food. I think it is so valuable to get as much outdoor time as possible, not just for physical welfare, but emotionally too. There's something a little bit magical about being out in the fresh air and exploring nature.

You may or may not know that tomorrow is outdoor classroom day. Outdoor classroom day is a global movement to celebrate the benefits of outdoor learning and play. Over one million children around the world are set to step outside of their classrooms as teachers globally have signed up to take at least one lesson outdoors as part of the school day.

I was really quite shocked to find that outdoor play at school is fast decreasing in this country. Even though the Dirt is Good campaign found that over 98% of parents agreed that playing outside is a great way for children to learn life skills, children are losing about 30 minutes of outdoor play a week at school.

Outdoor classroom day is a global initiative led by Project Dirt and powered by Unilever’s Dirt is Good campaign and encourages all schools who sign up to take at least one lesson outdoors on the 18th May. Tomorrow!

The amazing thing about this, is that parents can sign up too! So get going!

Alice's school is already signed up and she is so excited. She even gets to ditch her uniform for the day in place of wellies and old clothes as they intend to get out come rain or shine for the entire day! Tommy and I will also be outdoors tomorrow. I find that even if it rains, there is usually a little break in the torrential down pour where we can get out and splash about in the puddles for a little while.

Do let me know if your school is signed up by leaving me a comment. And if it hasn't, you can register here: https://www.outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/#parent

Have fun! 


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