Bank Holiday Weekend and half term!

Friday, June 02, 2017

This is pretty much how our half term started this year, until the sun decided to do a U turn and hide away again! It was so hot at the beginning of the week that we just got the paddling pool out and let the kids go wild.

We are going to Italy in August on a pretty exciting road trip. It's something I've wanted to do for years and I am so excited about it. We are starting in Milan and making our way down to Cinque Terre and finally down through Tuscany to park ourselves in a villa in between Florence and Pisa. I'm hoping to visit both, but we'll see how well the kids do! Italy is my favourite place in the World, I would honestly move their tomorrow if we could (in fact, Dave often applies for jobs out these just in case it's meant to be!!).

What's really sad is that we are totally ready for our holiday already. I have summer clothes, inflatables for pools, activities for the plane, sun cream... I've never been so prepared before in my life! But that's how completely excited I am for August.

Hopefully the sun comes out between now and then so I can enjoy the summer here too! Haha!


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