Strawberry picking at Garsons

Monday, June 12, 2017

It's June! It's time to pick strawberries again! Yay! Our favourite place to go is Garsons farm in Esher, Surrey. They always have the best strawberry fields and it's never too crowded (though we do tend to get there when it first opens, so maybe it gets busier. I don't know...). Alice was particularly excited this year because we are growing our own strawberries in the garden.

I think I was just born to live in the country, but I'm too afraid to leave London because living in a City is all I've ever known. Everytime we get on the A3 and charge down through the green fields, I feel more at home than ever.

We are planning on making some lovely fresh strawberry jam with our picking this year. I may film it for my new YouTube channel, Emma's Garden. Oh, did you know that I've stopped mummy vlogging? I have nothing against the community or other people's vlogs, I just feel like the time has come when I need to stop sharing quite so much of my family life. Alice is in school and Tommy will be starting nursery, and I don't want them to grow up online like that. I just want that privacy back, you know? But I love making videos, and there is so much more to me than being a mum! So I'm proving that, by starting a new channel about gardening, growing fruit and veg, my love of flowers and even healthy eating.

Gardening is often seen as something for the older generation, and I want to change that by proving you can keep a nice garden with young children about. And it's fun and rewarding (and cheap!) too! So do keep your eyes out for my new channel which will be launched very very soon!



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