Our Italian Adventure- Part 1

Friday, October 27, 2017

I'd been meaning to upload our holiday photos for some time, but had a bit of a blogging break instead! Still, better late than never I suppose. 

This summer we went to Italy. Travelling Italy has been on our bucket list for the longest time, and we were so excited to take the kids along for the adventure. We knew we wanted to travel around the north of Italy more than the south, as we had already seen a lot of the south before. So we flew out to Milan, stayed for a couple of nights in the city and then rented a car and drove across to La Spezia. 

Cinque Terre is really as beautiful as it is on pinterest, and I would really recommend you all to go if you can! From La Spezia, you can just jump on a train which will take you all along the Cinque Terre national park and stops off at some incredible towns. Our favourite were Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Manarola. We found the beach at Vernazza to be far less crowded than the more popular Monterosso though and spent most of our time here. 

It was steep and a challenge with two little children, but totally worth every view. It's honestly something I will never forget and I am so so thankful we could go and take our kids with us too. 

Of course, you only really need a day to see Cinque Terre, so after that we travelled on to a villa just North of Lucca (near Pisa) and travelled into Lucca and Pisa. It was amazing to have the pool to come back to. 

Here are some snaps from Milan, La Spezia and Cinque Terre:

We got our to the centre of Milan about 1 hour after landing, hence the slightly tired faces here!

We bought the kids some disposable cameras to capture the holiday on. Tommy spent most of the time taking photos of pigeons and puddles, but I guess thats what he's into right now! It was so funny! 

This is our little Fiat Panda car! It was so fun to drive, though the tolls on the motorways kept throwing us as we kept driving into the wrong entrance! Haha!


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