Tommy Needs Surgery

Monday, February 19, 2018

I think I've mentioned once of twice already about feeling really stressed and overwhelmed recently. We were hit by the flu over Christmas, and then in January Chicken pox swept through our house like some kind of unstoppable wild fire, infecting both the kids within 2 weeks of each other!

However, the big shocker came on a routine visit to the dentist, who discovered Tommy is in fact completely tongue tied. This wasn't Tom's first visit to the dentist, but it was the first time he had stopped crying for long enough to open his mouth, which is how the discovery was made. We have had some issues with his speech recently and with his dribbling too, but I honestly had no idea it could be down to something as significant as this!

Of course, I feel so guilty. To think that this has been wrong with Tommy for 3 years now and I didn't even notice. How didn't I? I guess because you don't go looking for problems in a seemingly healthy child, do you? Tommy has always eaten well, put on weight and is a very happy little boy. It's not been until now when he has started to try to talk more that any problem was detected.

His case has been referred to the paediatric surgeons as a matter of urgency and I am really hoping we get a date for surgery sooner rather than later. I honestly just want this fixed and sorted so my boy can learn to speak properly and recover asap.

It is a relatively straight forward surgery and should take no longer than 10 minutes. He might not even need a stitch afterwards. But of course, it is a surgery and with that are risks. I wish I had noticed it sooner because before a year, it is super easy to fix, without surgery. But this is where we are and I'm thankful to the dentist for noticing it and to my GP for referring us so quickly.

I will update when I hear anymore, but fingers crossed things start to happen soon!


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