Snow Day!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

We haven't actually had a day off nursery or school due to the snow yet, but we have had a fair bit of snow here in london! It's actually been so fun (and even more fun knowing it's going to be gone next week!). The kids have never really experienced snow before and have had so much fun making snowmen and having snowball fights. It was like Christmas day when they woke up on Wednesday to a blanket of snow outside.

We managed to get out in the garden after school today and I got some snaps. We are predicted more snow tomorrow but i'm not to sure it will actually hit us (it rarely does) so we'll probably be at school and nursery again, but at least we got out and had a bit of fun in the snow.

Now can we have Spring back please? I was waiting for my tulips to come up and the snow seems to have frightened them off! Haha!


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