Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We've been enjoying a massive heatwave here in the UK! I've never known a summer as good as this one before, everyday is sunny with blue skies and temperatures of 27-30 degrees! It's been so amazing. My kids especially love it as it has meant they've been able to get out in the paddling pool pretty much every day for the past 6 weeks.

They love cooling off after school with a splash about and I've loved how easy they have been to parent in this heat! All they want is ice cream and the pool out so it's been a nice easy ride for me really.

I know a lot of people have been complaining about it but honestly, I think it's been amazing and I hope it stays hot for a few more weeks to come. But of course, with the summer holidays starting next week it will more than likely disappear again sharpish. Always the way!

I'm back blogging again! I've missed it so much, but the break away did me the world of good. I feel so motivated to start again and I no longer feel the need to compare myself to others or anything silly like that. It's all about having fun now and I can't wait to start capturing our lives again!



  1. I have to admit I'm one of those who are moaning about the heat but that's because we have carpets in the house, windows that barely open and she struggles to sleep. Now in Portugal for the holidays, gorgeous sunny and less warm so happy days! Gotta love a paddling pool


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