New York // Day One

Monday, July 30, 2018

Believe it or not, Dave and I have been married for 5 years this year! Eek! Not only that, but this was the year I turned 30, and so with that in mind, we decided to book a cheeky little trip to New York, just for the two of us. 

We arrived on Wednesday and landed at 1pm New York time (6 pm London time!). I quickly realised that with the 2 hours trip to the airport and waiting to board, the 7 and a half hour flight and time difference, I wasn't going to make it past about 7pm! So we grabbed a Shake Shack from Madison Square Park and went to bed. These pictures are form our first day exploring New York. 

We headed straight to Central Park as our hotel with ridiculously close by. We stood on these rocks for the longest time just staring at the buildings, which were pretty incredible. We grabbed some bagels for lunch and ate in the park, but didn't explore too much on the first day as it's absolutely huge and we wanted to explore the city first. So we headed in and walked about 5 miles just taking in the sights and smells. 

Everyone had already warned us against going up the Empire State building and so instead we headed to the top of the rock, the Rockafella building. We booked a sunset time slot and once we were up there I realised it was completely the right decision. The view of the Empire State building was pretty awesome. 

I'll post our next few days soon! xx

 Loved all the floral displays everywhere. Especially around Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. 


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