Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park

Saturday, August 04, 2018

We visited Brooklyn Bridge on possibly the hottest day ever in New York! So I'll be honest, we didn't make it very far. It was also, seriously busy and full of people trying to get selfies bumping into one another. So needless to say it wasn't exactly the high light of our trip. But I did get a few pretty photos of the bridge. The bridge itself is beautiful and bloody huge!

After lunch we went to Central Park to have a look around, totally forgetting that it was a Saturday and would be massively busy. It was still so crazy and surreal to be walking through such an iconic place! We were planning to rent bikes and cycle through it but our feet were so done form the amount of walking we had done that we just took a stroll around instead. 

These are my last photos from New York! Enjoy! xx


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