Dear Tommy

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dear Tommy,

How are you nearly 4?! When I had you all those years ago, I couldn't ever imagine the day you turned 4. You were just my little baby boy, and now you are almost starting school. Where does the time go?!

You're a bundle of energy, a compete whirlwind, but always so blooming happy. From the moment you were born you were smiling and chipping away. I don't think you even cried that much! You've added so much life and fun to our family unit and for that we are so so thankful. You keep us on our toes and although it can get a little tiring for us to keep up with you, at least there is never a dull moment!

At the moment you love superhero's (captain America is your favourite), Chase from Paw Patrol, football and writing your name backwards all around the house! Haha! I always smile when I see those little "TOM's" written backwards on a chair or on the skirting boards. You love drawing pictures for me now, especially of cars and fire engines!

I hope you continue to be a bundle of energy. We will sign you up for football club and some other after school clubs as soon as you are settled in school!

We thought a lot about holding you back a year from school, as you an August baby. I hope you don't wish we had when you are older and all your friends are turning a year older before you! The thing is, is everyone keeps telling us how ready you are. Even though you are still slightly behind on your speech, you are doing so well in all your other departments! You have so many friends moving up as well, we didn't want to keep you behind from them all! I think you're going to do great Tom.

I am so excited for your future, even though it makes me a bit sad to see you growing up so fast. I think once you are 4, just like Alice did, you will shoot up a thousand years too! It's just what happens I think.

Can't wait to celebrate your 4th birthday next week. My crazy, big boy!

Love, Mama xx


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