My Happy Place

Thursday, August 23, 2018

For the last two or three years, gardening has been one of my favourite things to do. The joy I get from seeing seeds and seedlings I've planted grow into huge sunflowers or fruit and veg we can pick and eat is like nothing else. It's so incredibly satisfying to put your hands into the earth and grow and nurture plants, watching your progress each day. 

Of course, it's also utterly heartbreaking when a fox comes into your garden and digs up your vegetable patch killing all your onions and sweet pea flowers. Or cats decide to use your tomato bed as a toilet! Or it rains and you have a complete snail and slug attack and they completely wipe out half of your crops in a couple of hours! 

But those moments build your resilience and after tackling those problems you realise that you can simply start over and grow things all over again. I've been pretty hooked on vegetable growing, but this year I decided to branch out to flowers. So I grew my first sweet peas from seeds, which flooded our house for a fair few weeks before Mr Fox decided to dig them all up. And I've been buying lots of little bedding plants to fill up pots on the patio. It's lovely to look out on a dreary day and see the patio flooded with colour. 

I do wonder if my love of gardening will fade, but I'm pretty sure that once the growing bug has bitten you, there's no going back. I couldn't imagine not planting any spring bulbs or starting my courgette seeds in April. So for now, and for as far as I can see, the garden is my happy place. 

I will be doing a full garden tour soon so stay tuned! xx


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