Pick Your Own

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Going to a pick your own farm has become a bit of a summertime tradition. This year, we didn't make it to one until August, which is pretty late for us! I think the heatwave kind of kept us nearer to home and well out of the bright sunshine. I'm so glad we made it to one though as it really doesn't feel like summer until we pick some strawberries and early sweetcorn! 

This is also the summer before Tommy starts school, so its so nice to be able to capture these memories on this blog! 

I can't remember why I ever really stopped blogging. I think that once you stop for a little while, it becomes harder and harder to go back to it. I'm well back in the habit of picking my camera up now, and I'm loving coming home from a day out with a million photos! Haha! 


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