Rediscovering London

Monday, August 06, 2018

Although we live about 20 minutes from London Waterloo, recently (well, over the last couple of years actually) we have been venturing out of London more than into it. I think a lot of this has been because of all the terrorist attacks you hear about. I would be lying if I said it hadn't affected my attitude towards London. And also, because of my children's ages. Now Tommy is 4 he has calmed down a lot! We feel so much more confident with taking him out, knowing that he is going to listen to instruction and stay with us instead of just wondering off all the time! 

We pay such high rent to live so close to London that we have made a vow to rediscover London again. We started by jumping on the tube to the Science Museum. (If you're ever visiting London I would always recommend visiting the Natural History Museum AFTER the science museum. The queues always work out shorter this way as everyone seems to do this the other way round and you avoid all the crowds!)

The kids loved the space section and it was so nice to be able to learn things together as a family. I'm so looking forwards to discovering more and spending more time in London with the kids. Next stop, Tate Modern!! xx


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