Tommy Starts School

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Dear Tommy,

I can not believe it is your first day of school. I thought I would be crying and heartbroken, but I just feel so proud of you and so excited. It was so strange putting you into that familiar red uniform, I actually never thought this day would come! It always felt so far away and yet here it is.

I don't really worry about you. I know you are having speech therapy and you're the youngest in the year, but you are such a happy, confident and strong little boy that I rarely ever seem to worry about you! You take everything in your stride and face new challenges with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. So I know that you're going to manage fine, and you're going to make friends and this whole school thing will be a breeze for you!

You were so excited about waving goodbye to Alice today as she went into her classroom. Maybe thats another reason why I'm not quite as nervous as I was letting Alice go. Because your big sister is there too, so I feel like you two have each other, even though you don't have me!

I am so excited for all the experiences you are about to have. Your first nativity, your first school dinner, your first school trip! So many new adventures waiting for you and I feel so privileged to get to watch you grow and try all these new things.

How is my youngest now all grown up and in school? When did this happen?!

Love you Tommy. Good luck at big school, you'll totally smash it!

Mummy xx


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