Tommy Turns 4!!

Monday, September 03, 2018

My boy is 4! I can hardly believe it. How did he grow up so fast? We were on the Isle Of Wight for his birthday so he spent the day on the beach, building sandcastles and splashing in the sea before heading back to the chalet and opening a few presents. We actually got his hair cut a few days before we left which seems to have aged him by about 5 years too!! 

We didn't buy him much. For the past couple of years we have tried to start buying less gifts and giving more experiences instead. Sometimes I feel like our kids are just utterly bombarded with toys and plastic stuff which ends up cluttering the house and not being played with. So we came up with an idea of spending less money on presents and more money on experiences. Either taking a trip (such as the beach!), going to a theme park or trying something new as a family. I'm hoping that these memories will serve as far greater gifts for our kids as they grow!


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