6 Years of Marriage

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Saturday 20th July was our 6th wedding anniversary. 6 years of marriage, gone in a flash! The last 6 years have given us Tommy, a house of our own, more work opportunities and lots of travel! I hope the next 6 give us lots more fun!

I thought it might be fun to list 6 things I've learnt about marriage over the years.

1. It's ok to be angry with each other sometimes. And to fight, and argue and just be annoyed with one another. Marriage is a security blanket, and being able to tell each other how you truly feel is actually really comforting. So long as you make up afterwards and let whatever it was go!

2. You still have so much to learn about each other. Especially because, we all change all the time. Things we liked 6 years ago change and as we grow and experience new things, our likes and dislikes change too. So we are always learning about what each other likes, or don't. The important thing is, our values and hopes for the future have both remained the same and that's what ultimately links us together.

3. Kids get in the way, a lot! But it's all part of our life together. We are busy with work and family and sometimes it can feel like we are passing ships. But we are a family, and we always work to find time to spend together.

4. Sharing a life with someone is amazing. Dave is still the first person I want to call whenever something great happens, or whenever anything at all happens! It's nice to always have someone to talk to, to cook with, to race home to watch Stranger Things with. I feel so fortunate to have found Dave, especially in a world where our lives are becoming busier and social media seems to be taken over our social lives.

5. Things still annoy me about Dave that did when we first met. He's a bit of a noisy eater, he leaves his dirty football kit on the bathroom floor and he doesn't wipe the bathroom sink down when he's done. They all annoy me, I always moan, he doesn't change. But you know what, it's those things that I miss the most when he goes away on business trips. Don't ever change Dave!

6. You have to talk. We talk all the time. When Dave gets in from work, it's late. The kids are in bed and I'm starting dinner. He comes into the kitchen, helps me to finish the dinner and we just talk. About our day, about funny things that happened, about the kids. I honestly think this has helped to keep us together, to keep our marriage strong and to keep everything ticking over. Communication is key, so they say!

Let me know any lessons of marriage you have learnt over the years below!


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