A Walk in the Park // Ordinary Moments

Friday, July 26, 2019

We went for a walk around Bushy Park last weekend. I find that Dave and I always have the deepest, most exciting chats when we walk around here. Something to do with being in nature maybe, it just clears our heads and makes us so excited for the future. We plan and talk and make life decisions, all while the kids scooter round completely oblivious to it all!

This time we were talking all about travel, and holidays. I know we are about to buy a house, but we are a travel hungry family and we just can't help booking new trips and seeing the world. I mean, now that we own a house we have that security we craved and so it's time to travel until our hearts content, knowing that we have a little place to call our own waiting for us in London! 

Stay tuned to find out our plans! Also, I've been trying to figure out the settings on my camera recently, but I'm not doing a great job. Think I may need to practise a bit during the summer holidays! 


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