Life Update

Saturday, July 13, 2019

I said I would do a little life update, and well, here it is. Where have I been for the past year and what's been happening over on our side of the world?

Firstly, I've been working as a TA in a nursery for the past year at the same school my children attend.  The kids are now both at school full time and I felt it might be the right time to return to work, not just for money but for myself. I wanted to get back out there and figure out what, if anything, I want to do for my career. I'd worked with children before having Alice so I thought it might be a good thing to go back to. However, after a lot of thought and talking about it with Dave, we decided it just wasn't working. With both of us working full time, the kids began to feel the effects of having two tired parents.

I miss not being able to cook a proper meal every night, or have all the washing and tidying done before the weekend. I miss not having the energy to take the kids out all weekend, or to the park after school. I miss being so tired I can't think of creative and fun things for us all to do, or activities to help their learning. And I miss being able to stay up past 9pm at weekends to get those extra couple of hours with Dave, time we rarely get otherwise.

So although the money has been nice, from the end of July I will be back home again, taking care of the house and kids and hopefully being a better mum because of it. That also means, I will have some time to blog again, something I have really missed. I'll be able to take more photos and document our lives again, something I have really missed doing over the past year.

However, I won't be vlogging again. YouTube was a very dark time in my life, a time that I regret terribly. I know you're not supposed to have any regrets, but I really do have many about my time with Channel Mum and with the time and energy I put into growing my channel. The mummy blogging world has really changed and now seems to be all about making money, exploiting readership and viewers and trying to out-do one another. It's about bragging and material possessions and less about offering friendly, down to earth advice or an innocent glimpse into another mother's daily life. I hate it, I want no part of it and quite frankly, it makes me feel quite sad. So although I will be blogging here again regularly, I will not be returning to YouTube again!

And lastly, we bought a house! Our first ever home. And unlike a lot of people online I have noticed who have also bought houses, we will not be stripping everything out and redoing it all in one go. Who even has the money for that after buying a house?!! We will be moving in and doing up our first little crooked home piece by piece. I can't wait to document it all here and on instagram to share with you all.

So there is a little update for you. A lot has happened in a year, but one thing I really have missed is this little space on the internet to dip back into and post up my photos. I remember how much having this blog would ground me. It's like, when life ever got crazy or unmanageable, I would flick back through posts, write an update and remember that things pass. It's all so quick and I want to make sure I take time out to reflect on it all.

Thanks for reading and hope you stick around.

Emma xx


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