Our Italian Adventure // Part 2

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

It's been a long time since I posted an update from this (like, over a year...), so I thought it was about time I got these ones up! We flew out to Milan and spent the first two days there, exploring the city and buying lots of essentials for the rest of our trip. 

We packed quite light, to save on paying for extra bags on the plane, and then bought everything else we would need while we were there as it was a long trip. So Milan was all about stocking up, getting the kids settled into the new time zone and preparing for our trip South! In my first post, I showed some pictures from our first stop, the beautiful Cinque Terre. We spent 2 nights in La Spezia and explored the coastline by train, stopping at all the pretty fishing towns and exploring each one (as well as buying a million ice creams!). After that, we rented a car, and drove further south, stopping off at Pisa. 

How can you visit this part of Italy without making a stop off and seeing the leaning tower of Pisa?! I can't say I was completely blown away, but it is something I wanted to see and am glad the kids got to see too. It is a bit of an incredible sight! Here are some pictures below of our day. I'll post the final part of our Italian adventure soon, so stay tuned!

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